On-Set Supervision
On-set supervision allows Inster VFX to be an active part of principle photography. Skilled supervisors can assist in determining how best to set up and shoot a scene.
Concept revisualization
Compositing CG & Effects
Matte paintings & digital F/X
Color Granding
We are specialists in digital format such as EPIC, RED ONE, SCARLET, ALEXA with Davinci Resolve. We has a complete in-house pipeline including top artistic talent, scalable hardware and software solutions, multiple editing bays(SMOKE, AVID, FCP) and the management experience to develop and execute your project.
 We have on-hand expertise that begins with pre-production, on-hand expertise that begins with pre-production, on-set stereo consultation, followed by dailies, stereoscopic conversion of VFX, 3Ddigital intermediate and beyond.